November 8, 2019

The writer

Last year we were contacted by the lovely Marissa Donato. A student at the university of Illinois who was doing research in why and what type of people would start a business in the beauty industry. Now a few months later a wonderful book, that gives insights in where people get the motivation to start a beauty business is almost here. An inspiring read that gives insights in what it takes to become an entrepreneur in the beauty industry.  For people who are interested in pre-ordering the book please, click here


The Book

What Marissa found is quite interesting and it has all to do with the new technology that is available in this day and age. Anyone with a good idea can start it's own business and work from the ground up. It makes it a very exciting time to start a business. Don't let anyone say you can or can not do something. You are the maker of your own dreams and aspirations. The beauty industry is evolving and there is room for everyone. It's time to shake things up and get more and more exciting new innovating products out there. It's not only a about having a wonderful creme that works wonders. it's about bringing products to market that are useful and are innovative and fun. Hope Marissa's book will inspire anyone with a wonderful idea to dive in and bring it to life. Mention of Basic Beauty Tools is in Chapter 4 of the book, about entrepreneurs who have a personal reason for starting their brand. 



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