Prime the eye with your Foundation Blender!

March 29, 2018

Not only can the Foundation Blender be used for applying your makeup, it is also a great tool to prime the eye before going in with eyeshadow or eyeliner and the good thing is it only takes one minute of your time. We have chosen the signature shape of our Foundation Blender with the eyes in mind. The pointy tip shape ensures the sponge can work precisely round the sensitive eye area. The rounded shape is perfect to use very close to the eye and this is our favourite side to apply eye primer base or a light layer of foundation, concealer or crème colour eye shadow base on the moving top part of the eye.


Start in the inner top corner of the moving eye lid and with soft pressing motions dab the product on the delicate skin of the eye. Now you have prepped the top part of your eyelid ready for applying your choice of eyeshadow. Prepping your eye will make your eyeshadow stick to your eyelid for a full proof all day stay put eye makeup. It will make blending of eye shadow a lot easier as well.


When you rotate the sponge, there is the flat pointy tip to work with. This side is amazing to use for prepping the delicate under eye skin with a nourishing eye cream or skin oil. Moisturizing and caring for this part of the eye will help to keep it plump and hydrated all day long.  You can also use an eye cream that depuffs and makes sure to diminish under eye circles. Once your eye care product has been applied, then go in with your concealer product followed by an eye brightener product. Softly dab and blend the product to get an even look. We promise this will only take a second and your eyes are ready for any eye makeup.

For the eyes, all you really need are 4 brushes for eyeshadow and it doesn’t need to be difficult. Three basic eye looks are all you need to have in your repertoire.


1. The easiest is the one swipe of colour over the entire eyelid look. You only need one brush for this and a basic eyeshadow in a colour that suits your complexion and eye colour. You then can decide to leave it like that and just add mascara.


2. From this easy look you can intensify the look by using a pencil brush to accentuate the lower eyelid with a darker eyeshadow colour and use an eyeliner brush to apply a dark colour eyeshadow to the top lid of the eye as an eyeliner. You could also use a liquid eyeliner, but this would take a more practiced hand with applying and when you don’t have time the eyeshadow liner technique is the way to go. Then add mascara to the upper and lower lashes and you are ready.


3. You can also take the one swipe of colour method a bit further by blending a medium eyeshadow colour into the crease of the eye and using a darker medium colour in the outer V corner of the eye and using a blending brush to blend these colours seamlessly into the eye. Then you can apply your darker shadow to accentuate the lower eyelid and/or apply an eyeliner and finish the look with mascara. Three easy steps which only take 4 brushes! Voila, your basic eye look is just a brush stroke away.

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