The 10 tools you'll need to create your basic everyday look!

March 25, 2018

All it takes to achieve a basic everyday look is 15 minutes in the morning and having the right tools at hand and you can look polished and together every day. Once you’ve got your basic makeup look down, then you can change that look up with a few different colours or products for going out in the evening or for a special occasion. The only thing you would need to add for an evening out is maybe a little touch up and a kohl pencil on the inside of the eye to create a smoldering eye look.

The 10 basic tools everyone should invest in are:

For the face, there are 6 brushes you need at hand.

1. Foundation Blender or foundation brush to apply concealer or foundation like BBT’s Foundation Blender $6.99/£5.99 and Mac’s foundation brush nr. 196 $35/£28


2. A powder brush to apply face powder like the Bobbi Brown powder brush $68/£47


3. A domed shaped brush to apply contour powder. The classic Mac nr 138S tapered face brush for $53/£40 is great for this.


4. A fluffy fanned out brush for applying bronzer powder, to apply your bronzer like the sun has just hit your face, like the large flat powder face brush by Mac nr. 135 at $42/£34/50 is great for this.


5. A blush brush like Bobbi Brown’s award winning blush brush $68/£47. It's not an award winning brush for nothing. Super soft and very easy to apply powder blush with. With choosing a blush brush, please take note that they should not be bigger than the apple of your cheek.


For the eyes:

6. A spoolie brush to sort out the eyebrows. You can get these at Mac. Their nr. 204 spoolie brush is $16/£12 or search for them at any good pharmacy.


7. A flat haired brush for laying eye shadow on the lid of the eye. Mac nr 239 eye shader brush at $25/£21 is a classic but might be a little expensive. Crown brushes do a similar one. Their C510 oval shader brush is only £5.99


8.  A Pencil brush. A little dome shaped brush to deposit product under the eye is a great brush to have as it can smudge out kohl pencil or eye shadow under the eye. Mac's synthetic pencil brush nr. 219 at $25/£21 is great for this. Equally good is the Crown C468 Smokey Eyeliner Brush £4.79 

9. A contour eye shadow brush to soften the eye shadow colours and make them fade seamless into each other. Try Mac's 217 synthetic blending brush $24/£21 or Crown's C512 Pro Sculpting Crease Brush £7.99 or C330 Blending Crease Brush £5.49

10 An eyeliner brush. Some liquid eyeliners come with a brush applicator but a good brush to use is Sigma's E05 or E11 work well with liquid eyeliner. When you prefer a softer look with using eye shadow as a liner, the Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Liner Brush $34/£25.50 works very well for this.

Try using those 10 brushes and see how quickly you will get into the routine of using them in the morning. You will have your basic look down with 10 easy steps and it will only take 10 to 15 minutes to makeup and go! 

It also is worth it to take good care of these brushes as they are expensive. Washing them with a mild soap or baby shampoo and lukewarm water will keep them clean and to keep the hairs in good shape, use a brushguard. Available on Ebay or Amazon. You will see that they will last a very long time. Start with the tool for your foundation. Not too expensive, cruelty free, perfume free, hyperalllergenic and very easy to use. Our favourite, the pink Foundation Blender is back in stock! Use coupon code: FB15 at checkout at!



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