Emergency Skin Fixes

The party season is upon us and what is a party dress without you looking your best in it. A red bump that appears on the crucial day that seems to appear out of nowhere and grows bigger and bigger with every hour that seems to pass until we are left with a massive puss filled agitated looking monster on our face. All dermatologist say not to squeeze a bump like this but temptation to do so is almost uncontrollable and there is something very satisfying in doing so. If you do decide to make the squeeze, then disinfecting with an antiseptic solution like hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol is advisable. Just put a little bit on a cotton pad and dab it onto the just squeezed pimple. The only thing is that after squeezing the pimple you still have a red raised agitated bump on your face. How can we deal with that and how to avoid these stress bumps from appearing in the first place.

1) Zap away that zit with light therapy

Once you spot a bump coming up out of nowhere, the first thing to grab to stop it in its tracks is the any type of LED light therapy devise. Neutrogena has the red & blue light therapy acne spot treatment to reduce breakouts to take care of blemishes. The blue light kills bacteria on the skin and the red light stimulates collagen development and helps to get the inflammation down. You'll see a difference within a few hours after treatment with the light.

2) topical blemish gels or creams

These are treatments that work best overnight but some have clear gel that can be used under skin care and makeup like Superdrugs Deep Action Anti Blemish Gel (£2.79), Superdrug Calm Skin Rescue Gel (£2.99) or E.L.F. Acne Fighting Gel Clear (£3). If you want to take more drastic action try Acnecide 5% Gel Benzoyl Peroxide (£9.49) Benzoyl peroxide is clinically proven to kill up to 95% of bacteria causing spots. Overnight spot control with Eve Lom's Dynaspot (£22) or Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion (£13.17) work a treat. You will wake up with visibly reduced redness and calmed down skin. One secret emergency favorite product to use in case we find ourselves with dreaded red acne is La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ (£11.35) Fortified with a cocktail of beneficial ingredients, including Niacinamide, Glycerin and Salicylic Acid, this anti-blemish treatment can be used daily to minimise the appearance of spots and blackheads. We love to add this to our skin care regime when the skin shows signs of breaking out and use this before our moisturizer or instead of our moisturizer. The daily moisturiser soothes and hydrates, as it eliminates unwanted shine and improves skin texture and tone for a more refined visage. Absorbs quickly into skin to address visible pores and blemishes, whilst protecting from red and brown colored marks that can be left by spots. It is a miracle worker and keeps the skin clear looking.

Other treatments that help avoid bumps or acne from appearing are:

3) Skin care cleansing regime

Sticking to a morning and evening cleansing routine is very important in keeping skin happy and healthy. It's important to double cleanse to start with. It will make sure any dirt and makeup is being removed before applying skin care products. Skin care products will work better when they are applied to a clean canvas. Your skin will get the full benefits of the ingredients in them. Take away makeup with a cleansing milk and after that deep cleanse with a cleansing gel for your skin type. Then tone to remove any soap residue and tighten pores. Try scrubbing or exfoliating to avoid clogged up pores and use a mask once a week for a deep treatment.

4) Hydrate from the inside

Drink enough water to keep skin hydrated and healthy. Especially in winter it is important to keep an eye on drinking enough water. Using an app like Lifesum helps to keep track on your intake and to see if you are drinking enough throughout the day.

5) Healthy eating

It goes without saying that blemishes and acne can sometimes be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Too much sugar or too much fatty foods can help with topping our body out of balance and make our body react to it. A balanced diet can contribute to keeping our skin in good shape.

6) Zen out!

Stress is a big contributor to getting bumps and blemishes. Our hormone levels are being affected by stress and in turn this can have a big impact on our skin. It is therefore important to take enough rest and try stress relieve exercises like Pilates or yoga. It is important to focus your mind on something else to re-energize and to let go of daily stresses.

If you have a bit of time for pampering during the party month of December using a few key products to keep our skin clear even when we overdoing it, is key to look fresh and fit to go into the new year. Let us know what your favorite products are to keep your skin clear? Where do you swear by?

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