How to wear Berry lipstick

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

The colors of autumn go so well with the more autumnal darker lip colors but it can be a more difficult lipstick to apply and to wear. There are a few tips and tricks you’ll need up your sleeve to get that warm burgundy lip on point.

Polish to perfection

Before you begin applying a darker lip color, it makes sense to exfoliate the lips with a lip scrub (Bliss Fabulips Lip Scrub or elf's Lip Exfoliator) Especially with wearing the mat darker hues preparing the lips by gently exfoliation makes the lipstick go on much more smooth and super easy and as mat lipstick could emphasize chapped or flakiness your lips might have, exfoliating them makes sure you have a good surface to work with before applying the darker lip color.

Avoid teeth stains

What nobody wants is to wear their lipstick on their teeth. You could be walking around with lipstick on it for a while before you would notice it yourself or eve more embarrassing that someone points it out to you. A simple makeup trick and a crucial to keep the lipstick off your teeth is that after your lipstick application, you simply stick your finger in your mouth and pull it out. The lipstick that would otherwise cling to your teeth, will be transferred on your finger. Simply wipe it clean and you are good to go.

Precise application

Especially with the darker bolder lipstick colors, using a lipstick brush for the application is a must. As you need to be a bit more precise. Darker lipsticks are not that easy to apply without the use of a mirror and a small lip brush can help with getting the color on neater near the edges. Bold lipsticks are not a one sweep and walk out of the door kinda lipstick. A Foundation Blender with still a bit of foundation or concealer on, can help should you go over the edge of the lip to clean it up and make sure the lipstick follows the natural shape of the mouth.

Use a lipliner

Your dark lip will pop more if you use a lipliner in a shade that is just a tiny bit darker and it will act as a sealant round the edges of the lips to prevent the lipstick from bleeding. Mac plum lip liner is a good one for a darker lipstick Also a reverse lipliner can help to keep a darker lipstick in place. It creates a barrier and stops the color from going everywhere.

Conceal the deal

Use a concealer to the outer lip line and use your Foundation Blender to blend it in place and fade it out to match the rest of your makeup. This will make your lips pop en helps with the longevity of your lipstick application.

Go modern with your darker lip

Create a more effortless and wearable way of wearing a darker lipcolor by wearing it as a lipstain. All you need to do is apply your dark lipstick and lipliner and dab with a tissue and a few dabs with your damp Foundation Blender to create an effect as if you naturally have these mysterious just bitten dark lips.

Fresh makeup

Keep the rest of your makeup simple and clean. As the attention is on your lips, all you really need is a simple eye with sweep of color that is pretty natural and a bit of eyeliner. Keep the skin natural and flawless and keep your blush as natural as can be. Mac Prism powder blush on the full cheeks and Mac Mocha powder blush on the apples of the cheek work really well to give your face an overall natural look.

Taking it off

Getting the dark lipstick off your lips can be quite difficult but should be really easy when you use a product with an oil based product that has makeup dissolving and skin care ingredients in it. Nivea Double Effect Eye makeup remover is a good one to use. You usually have to shake it up and it will take off the darkest of colors, whilst it also is very gentle on your lips. All you need to do after this is to apply a lip care product that nourishes and keeps the lips soft. Nuxe, Reve de Miel is a good one to use. You can buy it here.

The Berry Lipstick List

Our top 5 favorite berry lipsticks:

1) Maybelline Color Sensation the Loaded Bolds lipcolor in Berry Bossy

2) L'Oreal Color Riche Matte Lipstick in Mon Jules nr 430

3) NYX Butter Lipstick in Licorice

4) Charlotte Tilbury Matt Revolution Lipstick in Glastonberry

5) Charlotte Tilbury Matt Revolution Lipstick in Opium Noir

Do you have a favorite berry lipstick shade that you wanna share with us? Let us know in the comments below.

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