5 new drugstore products to try right now

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

High end makeup and beauty products are fantastic but we can't ignore these new beauties which can be found in the drugstore right now!

1. L'Oreal Smooth Sugar Facial Scrubs, £9.99

To make the transition from going from summer skin to winter skin a bit easier L'Oreal has brought out new facial scrubs. There are three versions all tackling different skin concerns. There is a Smooth Sugar Glow Grapeseed Face and Lip Scrub, Smooth Sugar Clear Kiwi Face and Lip Scrub and a Smooth Sugar Nourish Cocoa Face and Lip Scrub. These are only £9.99. Shop for them here.

2. L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara in Deep Burgundy, £9.99

Get into the mood for fall and change something small to your everyday makeup. Easy with the L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara because it is uniquely formulated to resist clumping, keep lashes soft, and build lashes up to 5x their natural thickness. Volume Maximizing Brush quickly thickens and builds lashes evenly for a full and bold look. Contains Panthenol and Ceramide-R and helps protect and condition lashes. Resists clumping and flaking, and leaves lashes supple and soft to the touch. We love that it gives such a big impact on a look. Shop for it here.

3. Garnier Eye Sheet Mask £1.75

These Eye Sheet Mask are such a welcome treat for tired eyes. You will love using these at bedtime after your nighttime cleansing routine. Garnier says the sheet masks are for tired eyes showing first signs of ageing, These tissue masks are enriched with coconut water and hyaluronic acid and will leave skin looking firmer and feeling revitalised. The mask intensely hydrates and reduces appearance of fine lines. Th eye area will feel replumped and tighter and have a skin cooling effect. They come in two variations. Garnier Eye Sheet Mask Hyaluronic Acid And Coconut Water and Garnier Eye Sheet Mask Hyaluronic Acid And Orange Juice. You can shop them here.

4. Flex Dry Brush from Wet brush £7.99

Already a big fan of the original Wetbrush the brand now comes out with a super modern design with exclusive, ultra-soft IntelliFlex bristles that glide through tangles with ease. Minimizes pain, split ends and breakage. Lets you brush with less force so you can detangle with less damage to your hair. Ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip designed specifically for stylists. Shop it here.

5. Collection Makeup Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude Rose £3.99

Collection Makeup is a great drugstore brand with a few products that have gone on to become cult drugstore favorites. Their new Eyes Uncovered Palette could become one as well as these are gorgeous. Crease resistant powder eyeshadow in Highly pigmented matte and shimmer eyeshadows Compete range of eyeshadows to take smokey eye look from day to night. Collections advise on how to use these shadows is to blend the lightest shade, all over the eyelid Use a combination of the medium shades to add definition to the centre of the eyelid Brush the darker shades from the outer corner and Blend to the centre of the lid. For more impact, sweep along the lower lash line too Use the lightest iridescent shade as a highlighter on the inner corner of the eye and under the brow to brighten. You can shop this lovely palette here.

Let us know if you've tried some new drugstore products that we need to try in the comments below.

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