How to go about facial cleansers

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Stick to a routine

As much as we love cleaning and keeping our beauty tools clean and hygienic, it is also important to keep our skin clean and pure. There are people that swear by using just water and soap, but we like to treat our skin a bit more delicate and treat it with a bit more thought and care. To make sure your facial skin is clean, it can improve the skins appearance and make that it stays more youthful and fresh looking. There are a few ways to go approach this and there are many different cleansers that can be used to achieve a gentle deep clean of our facial skin. The main rule for keeping your skin in top condition is to wash it every morning and evening. For the evening routine it is important to always remove makeup first. Let's have a look at the steps and products to use.

Deep cleanse in the evening

Let's start with the most important moment for cleaning your face and that is in the evening. This is the time where a few steps can attribute to a good routine and you will notice the difference.

Remove Eye Makeup

Step 1 is (maybe the most important step) is to remove makeup with a product specially developed for this purpose. We like to start with removing all eye makeup first. If you've used waterproof mascara, you'll need to look out for an eye makeup remover which is specially developed for this. Usually eye makeup removers that are suitable for waterproof mascara come with an oily and cleanser part which you then have to shake to mix and put on a cotton pad. Then gently wipe over the eye. Best way is from the outside inwards and from top to bottom.

Face Cleansers

After having removed all eye makeup then it is time to remove makeup from the entire face. There are quite a few different products that you can use. It depends a little what you find the easiest and goes with your budget.

Cleansing Milk

By far the quickest way is using a cleansing milk. These are super easy to use, just take a little bit of product, massage it over the skin and either take it off with a cotton pad or tissue paper or use a damp washing cloth to wash it off.

Cleansing Oils and balms

Instead of cleansing milks there are cleansing oils and balms that work the same way. Just massage over the skin and take off with a cotton pad or tissue or wash off with a damp cloth. After using a milk or a balm it is better to use the double cleansing technique to then cleanse the skin, which is now free of makeup to give it a deeper cleanse.

Deep cleanse

Use a gel wash for your skin type or facial soap bar especially developed to use for the skin of your face. A Clarisonic brush can help to wash away impurities from the skin. There are also hot cloth cleansers on the market where you can do the double cleanse with, using only that cleanser but then twice. First to take off makeup and then step 2 to do the deep cleanse. The deep cleanse is really a necessary step to prepare the skin for serums, moisturizers and creams. These products work better on a clean skin than when the skin is still covered with makeup. After the deep cleanse, you can also use glycolic pads to help with removing dead skin cells.

Cleansing wipes and micellar waters

Cleansing wipes and micellar cleansing water are products that you can use when you are in a hurry or travelling but they can't replace the proper deep cleanse needed to really cleanse the skin on a deeper pore level.

Morning Cleansing Routine

In the morning a quick cleanse with a cleansing gel or foam will waken up the skin and leaves it ready for moisturizer, SPF - day cream and makeup. When you follow a routine like this you will see results from your skin care products because these work better on a clean skin. Also makeup lasts longer on a skin that is well kept and well taken care off. Follow these steps and your skin will thank you for it. Don't forget to do a weekly exfoliation and treat with a nourishing facial mask. Say hi to your new routine.

Applying Makeup

Best thing of all with sticking to a good skincare routine is that any foundation application will go on much easier and your foundation will look better when the base is healthy and glowing. We prefer applying any foundation with our signature Foundation Blender as it is the quickest way to get ready and have your makeup look seamless and fresh. Always use a clean foundation blender on your clean skin to apply your foundation and concealer with. Our Spongeclean, liquid foundation blender works a treat for this. Have you tried it yet?

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