Introduction to Spongedry

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

It is so important to take good care of the tools we use for the application of make up. Not taking good care of brushes and sponges can result in clogged pores, break outs, infections, bacteria build up, cross contamination of make up or beauty products

Lot's of articles have been written about the importance of it and recently the Dailymail published an article by Siofra Brennan showing pictures made by Onionyeoja, a college student from the US, who used an Mpow Macro Lens and her iPhone 6 to create close up shots of make up brushes full of dirt and residue. For more information on this click here.

But what about the make up item that touches your face the most! The make up sponge. For this type of tool it is even more important to take extra care as this is an item that we use all over our face when it is wet and after application it takes a few hours to dry. It is what you do with it then that can make a difference. It is clear that you would need to wash a make up sponge regularly and preferably after every use. Of course not everyone does this or has the time to do this every day. It is also what you do after using or washing your make up sponge that can make the difference. As it we invest in our make up tools it is also important to invest in products that take care of them and that make sure we get the best use out of them. Your tools will last longer too. It is with that in mind that we developed Spongedry, our sponge holder which offers a new way of storing your make up sponge.

You can rest assured that when you have a Spongedry holder for your sponge it will not pick up any more bacteria but sits in there to dry comfortably for you to clean the sponge at your own convenience. At least you know that your make up sponge hasn’t been laying on a dirty surface where bacteria can fester into the sponge. For how to use Spongedry, please watch this video.

We are very proud of our new product which has been developed and manufactured in the UK. We hope you will love it as much as we do and we invite you to explore our colour range where you can pick your preferred colour Spongedry holder with the colour sponge you like the most. Your make up sponge can now be stored professionally and stylishly in Spongedry.

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