Social Media Policy and Terms and Conditions

Basic Beauty Tools Limited applies the following policies and terms and conditions with respect to collaborations with social media influencers (“Influencers”). These policies and terms and conditions apply to any kind of collaboration including, but not limited to, product featuring and reviews, free sample products, give-aways or other promotions or affiliate commission agreements and apply to any social media platform including, but not limited to, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, VK, blogger platforms, blogging websites or other websites.

Basic Beauty Tools Limited will supply Influencers with Basic Beauty Tools products, samples and imagery/logos etc. as agreed with the relevant Influencer and the Influencer is entitled to use and feature these and display the Basic Beauty Tools trade name and trade marks (including those of its products) in his or her social media content. Basic Beauty Tools Limited retains the right to demand Influencers to remove these materials from their social media channels, websites and content, if Basic Beauty Tools Limited considers the content on those channels or websites to be incompatible with the Basic Beauty Tools values and brand image (for example if a website or social media channel features hateful or obscene content).

Basic Beauty Tools Limited has the right to actively promote Influencers that feature Basic Beauty Tools Limited products in their content, by re-posting, retweeting, featuring all or part of that content in social media and website posts (which shall include blog posts, email campaigns and featuring in the “As seen on …” section on our websites) and Basic Beauty Tools Limited may use imagery and video material from the Influencer’s social media channels and website that feature our products for promotional and marketing purposes.

Each Influencer is deemed to have accepted these policies and terms and conditions by receiving our samples and products and by featuring our products on their social media channels and/or websites.

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