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A new hygienic way of storing your make up sponge
Made in the UK
Designed and Manufactured in the UK
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International registered design & Patent Pending
Spongeclean, liquid beauty blender cleanser

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Spongedry, the hygienic storage stand for your makeup blender. 

Every cosmetic sponge needs a bit of extra attention to ensure that it stays hygienic and clean.

Using a dirty sponge over and over again could cause some serious skin problems.

 Sponges love to retain water and when a makeup sponge stays damp for a long period of time, nasty bacteria and mold will start to develop and make your foundation blender their home.

Don't leave your makeup sponge lying around after you finished your makeup application. 

Key is to give your cosmetic sponge some extra care and wash and dry your cosmetic puff as quick as possible after use. 

Discover the entire Basic Beauty Tools Care Products for your blending sponge and see how easy it is keep your cosmetic sponge in good condition. Just click here to find out more.

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